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Pny VCQ420NVS-X16-DVI-PB Quadro Nvs 420 512MB GDDR3 128BIT Pcie Video Card Vhdci

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VCQ420NVSX16DVIPB Quadro Nvs 420 512MB
Pny VCQ420NVSX16DVIPB Quadro Nvs 420 512MB GDDR3 128BIT Pcie Video Card Vhdci Image 1Pny VCQ420NVSX16DVIPB Quadro Nvs 420 512MB GDDR3 128BIT Pcie Video Card Vhdci Image 2


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Shopping on the web is a breeze and simple, and that's why lots of people prefer to use the internet rather then head to the shopping mall. Among the many features for this item is the pny vcq420nvs-x16-dvi-pb quadro nvs 420 512mb gddr3 128bit pcie video card vhdci. Additional features include things like new - retail, 1-year warranty and pny vcq420nvs-x16-dvi-pb. It has a weight of 3 lbs. Getting a VCQ420NVS-X16-DVI-PB Quadro Nvs 420 512MB. To learn more about this NVS video card, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this site.

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420 by PNY Technologies for x16 PCIE is a quad-display organization graphics solution, specifically designed for small form element systems that delivers a reliable hardware and software platform for enterprise environments requiring robust IT management tools for seamless companywide deployment. Through the NVIDIA n View advanced display software, Quadro NVS 420 enables functions such as profiles, extended Windows taskbar, gridlines, and virtual desktops. Capable of supporting up to 4 digital displays at resolutions of as much as 2560 x 1600, the Quadro NVS 420 maximizes productivity by enabling more screen real estate from a single graphics card. Quadro NVS 420 might be the selected remedy across mixed environments, including financial institutions, emergency call centers, digital signage systems, and other mission-critical environments. Quadro NVS 420 is tested on leading business applications and designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding company user. Featuring NVIDIA n View advanced display computer software technology and support for up to 4 30"displays at 2560 x 1600 resolution, enterprise pros can maximize productivity by way of increased desktop true estate and advanced application management tools. In addition, Quadro NVS 420 provides high-quality HD video output and high memory bandwidth for today's more demanding digital signage requirements. Featuring CUDA parallel computing processors getting a unified architecture created to dynamically allocate GPU resources, the Quadro NVS 420 remedy delivers optimized performance for company graphics.


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